The hard work of Bernice & Brian Lucas - DALNAVERT and Linda Ross - LUVIT Bichon Frise has certainly payed off. We are so proud of our successes. We have worked hard to produce a Bichon that not only won the BFCA National this year but also placed BOS at the BFCC Canadian National. A first in our breed. Our Bichons have also been winning in the Obedience ring and at Grooming competitions, plus they work as therapy dogs: conformation standard, coat quality, intelligence and compassion. It can not get much better than that ! We are very proud of the puppies that have come out of our breeding program that supports health certification of all breeding adults. We selectively breed our females, so we do not have many litters. When we do have puppies in Canada ( Dalnavert Kennels) or in Florida (Luvit Bichon Frise), we make sure that they find quality "forever" homes. Our work can not find its North American success without the help of our handler and groomer CAROLYNE CYBULSKY. Carolyne presents our puppies and adults to perfection both in the show ring and in obedience. She has now become a familiar face in the USA and Canada as she shows the latest Bichon Frise representing our kennels. 2019 is not over yet, look for her in the show ring across Canada in the remaining months.