We have been off the grid for a while ! Thank you to those who contacted us with concerns but all is okay... we have just been very busy this summer. We had a rather large garden to look after, a few dog shows and our spring litters.
Litter #`1 in March... TEA x ICE which give us 3 females... those families who have waited 2 years for their little girl were finally elated when they could come and pick her up.
Litter # 2 in May .... CRYSTAL x MARKY which gave us 1 male... This was the first litter for this couple... Watch for this singleton in the ring in 2024.. DALNAVERT LUVIT TOP GUN called MAVERICK ! He will make his debut in Florida in January 2024.
Litter # 3 in June ....NAOMI x ICE which gave us 2 females and 3 males.... this couple never fails us !...3 puppies stayed in Manitoba making their families very happy after their long wait; one flew to Kelowna with her owner and one boy was driven back to Lethbridge.
Everyone will now rest until 2024.... There will be 2 well earned retirements from the whelping box next year after their litters. These girls are already with their new families.
We are currently doing our health testing on one of our Champion females to see if she will be added to our breeding program. Two other Champion girls will have their tests done next year after they turn 2 years old. We are very proud of our CHAMPION Bichon Frise breeding program that believes: ***Most importantly, our breeding stock has certified all/part there of, health clearances for eyes, hips, elbows and patella. These have been certified by OFA ( Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) these records are available to the public...... Health Clearances is something more puppy buyers should be inquiring about when contacting Breeders ( of any registered purebred breed ) across Canada/USA.